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General Purpose Large Capacity Centrifuge
Model: CFH10R

Max. RPM: 10000
Max. RCF: 18300 x g
Max. Capacity: 4000ml
Temp. Control: -20oC-40oC
  • Controlled by microcomputer with user-friendly panel and LED and LCD dual display. run control by speed or RCF.
  • Drived by the high frequency maintenance – free motor with superspeed draft for stable running at high speed.
  • Unique damping system and CFC-free compressor combine to ensure small vibration and low noise.
  • Steel body and stainless steel centrifugal chamber for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Designed with various protection devices for maximum operational safety, such as over-temperature detection, over-speed detection,lid lock system, imbalance protection and life calculation of unit and rotors, etc.
  • Pre-cooling cools the chamber quickly. 10 pre-set acceleration/braking rates, or its time direct input ensures the best seperation even for the most delicate samples.
  • Memory function can store up to 40 runs for your repetitive separation.
  • Hold on function for short and quick centrifugation.
  • Multifuntional centrifuge both in high speed and in low speeds with large capacity, widely used in the field of research and production and so on.
Floorstanding General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, without rotor
Model CFH10R
Max.Speed (r/min)  10000
Max. RCF (x g) 18300
Max. Capacity (ml) 6000
Control Microprocessor
Drive AC Frequency Conversion Motor with large torque
Accel/Decel Rates 10/10
Programmability 40 programs
Refrigeration  Environmental CFC-free Refrigeration System with R404a refrigerant
Speed Range (r/min)  100-10000
Speed Control Accuracy (r/min)  ±20
Temp. Set Range (°C) -20 to +40
Temp. Control Accuracy(°C) ±1
Timer Range(hr:min:sec) 0-99:59:59
Noise (dB) ≤ 65
Power Supply V (Hz) 220/110 (50/60), 35A, 3 phase 
Dim. (W x D x H) mm 820 x 710 x 1150
Weight (kg) 268
Rotor Type Rotor No.

Max. Capacity

(place x ml)

Max. Speed


Max. RCF

(x g)

Tube Size

(Range, ml)

Adapters for smaller tubes
Fixed Angle Rotor 1 6 x 300 10000 18300 0.2-300 Available
Fixed Angle Rotor 2 6 x 500 8000 11680 0.2-500 Available
Fixed Angle Rotor 3 6 x 1000 7200 12166 0.2-1000 Available
Swing-out Rotor with round buckets 4 6 x 1000 4200 5100 5-1000 Available
Swing-out Rotor 5 4 x 1000 4200 4430 5-1000 Available
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