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Low Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge
Model: CFL6R

Max. RPM: 6000
Max. RCF: 6680 x g
Max. Capacity: 6000ml
Temp. Control: -20oC-40oC
  • Flexible antiattrition system reduces air resistance for fast acceleration to full speed.
  • Powerful refrigeration use CFC-free refrigerants for high efficient cooling.
  • Super large capacity seperation of 6L.
  • Stainless steel control panel can be made as the customer`s needs to meet GMP requirements in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Widely suitable for a variety of application of radio-immunity, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, especially seperation and purification of blood, etc.
  • User-friendly operation panel with LED and LCD dual display. Ergonomic design with the low deck height makes your operation effortless.
  • Drived by the high frequency brushless motor with superspeed draft, and equipped with advanced frequency convertor can ensure ther stable running at high speed and extend its working life.
  • Imported compressor unit with R404a refrigerants make the temperature can be adjustable as your desire and ensure its high temperature accuracy, tiny vibration, low noise.
  • Steel body and stainless steel chamber for easy cleaning and durability.
  • Operational protocols can be easily programmed, memorized and recalled. It can store up to 40 runs at all and 9 for everyday use. The operator can input or quickly recall parameters to get proper running for the best separation results. RCF can be calculated simutaneously.
  • Advanced damping system can effectively avoid resuspension. Chamber pre-cooling function give fast cooling for high effiency.
  • Designed with various protection devices for maximum operational safety, such as stainless steel chamber, lid lock system, over-speed detection, over-temperature detection and so on.
  • Hold on function for short and quick centrifugation.
Floorstanding Low Speed Superlarge Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge, without rotor
Model CFL6R
Max.Speed (r/min)  6000
Max. RCF (x g) 6680
Max. Capacity (ml) 6000
Control Microprocessor
Drive AC Frequency Conversion Motor with large torque
Accel/Decel 10/10 rates or direct setting of time
Programmability 40 programs
Refrigeration  Environmental CFC-free Refrigeration System with R404a refrigerant
Speed Range (r/min)  100-6000
Speed Control Accuracy (r/min)  ±20
Temp. Set Range (°C) -20 to +40
Temp. Control Accuracy(°C) ±1
Timer Range(hr:min:sec) 0-99:59:59
Noise (dB) ≤ 65
Power Supply V (Hz) 220/110 (50/60), 20A, 3 phase 
Dim. (W x D x H) mm 830 x 720 x 1150
Weight (kg) 268
Rotor Type Rotor No.

Max. Capacity

(place x ml)

Max. Speed


Max. RCF

(x g)

Tube Size

(Range, ml)

Adapters for smaller tubes
Fixed Angle Rotor 1 6 x 500 6000 6680 2-500 Available
Fixed Angle Rotor 2 6 x 300 6000 5650 2-300 Available
Swing-out Rotor with wind shield 3 6 x 1000 4200 5100 2-1000 Available
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