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Blood Bag Tube Sealer
Model: TS20


TS20 Blood bag Tube Sealer is a heavy duty blood bag tube sealer based on high frequency dielectric heating which gives unique sealing finish. It is a small benchtop model. The sealing of blood bag tube is done by RF Die-electric heating without damaging cells. It is specially designed for sealing the blood bag tubes up to 6 mm diameter. A low voltage plunger is provided for effective sealing automatically by placing the blood bag tube in the plunger. Power control unit is monitored by a Micro- processor.

  • Lightweight, portable and heavy duty.
  • Modern electronic system.
  • High speed auto heat sealing, which has high working efficiency
  • Sealed tube can be easily separated by pulling the sealing section by both sides.
  • Electrodes well protected by a cover
  • Able to seal all blood bag tubes.
  • Sealing trigging automatic.
Control Micro Control Unit (MCU)
Sealing time 0.5-2 sec.
Sealing way Automatic
Size of sealing tube Φ3-6mm
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60HZ or AC 110V 50/60HZ
Net Weight 7.6 kg
Dim. (W x D x H) mm 180 x 340 x 150
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